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Parent Association (PTA)

Samir Mahmoud (Co-President)
Giuseppe Spoletini (Co-President)
Kasey Powers (Treasurer)
Sara Hunt Munoz (Secretary)

School Leadership Team (SLT)

2021-2022 Parents on SLT:

  • Erin Lisowski
  • Barney Burgess
  • Anna Boksenbaum
  • Ursula Gutierrez
  • Yelitza Castanos
  • Nicole McDonnell

2021-2022 Teachers on SLT:

  • E. Anne Wine (UTF Chapter Leader, SLT co-chair)
  • Jeanine Bradley
  • Marnie Geltman
  • Amy Kline
  • Nicole Kroski
  • Kennen McManus

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

In attendance:
Samir Mahmoud, co-president
Giuseppe Spoletini, co-president
Kasey Powers, treasurer
Sara Hunt Munoz, secretary
General PTA members (screenshot attached)



Welcome and Introductions
Approval of June meeting minutes
President’s Report

Treasurer’s Report
SLT Report
Principal’s Report


President’s Report

  • New executive board members introduced themselves
    • Discussed what the PTA does and the role of the parents
    • There are still open PTA executive board positions. Please email if interested. 
  • Current priorities discussed
    • Providing school supplies for classrooms
    • Strengthening relationships between the PTA and the teachers
    • Identifying community service opportunities for the students
    • Encouraging environmental sustainability in events (less waste)

Treasurer’s Report

  • Budget update
    • Current PTA budget is approximately $31,000
    • PTA General Meeting participants (one vote per person) will vote on budget next meeting after new Treasurer has all of the necessary paperwork
    • Encouraged parents to use to generate fundraising dollars for the school (choose Ps 150 Queens)
    • Looking into activities like Story Pirates and indoor recess activities for inclement weather days. 


SLT Report

  • School Leadership Team meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7 a.m. on Zoom (connection details are shared on ClassDojo before each meeting)
  • If you have school issues you can contact to raise them or to be added to a meeting agenda
  • If you’d like to present at a meeting, please make arrangements in advance so they can accommodate you as part of the agenda
  • The SLT has already assembled once to meet one another and set expectations for the year


Principal’s Report

  • Priority is mitigating the spread of COVID-19
  • Hoping to host Fun Fridays to connect with social/emotional themes
  • Reminded members that the SLT reviews the Comprehensive Education Plan, looks at data, sets goals, and ensures that the school is aligned with the budget
  • The school wifi has been upgraded but students using Windows 7 now need to upgrade to Windows 10 on the devices they bring to class
  • Construction projects
    • The hydroponics lab in Room 209 is coming along 
    • There is work being done on the auditorium
    • There will be some construction happening in the upper yard that will require scaffolding
  • Focusing on Respect, Reflect, and Revise across the school
  • Focusing on social/emotional wellbeing
    • Positive reinforcement
    • Reflection sheets
    • Adding a calming room, sensory walks, and other sensory equipment
  • School yard is opening earlier to accommodate sibling dropoff
  • Every moment counts so trying to get student to their classrooms as soon as possible
  • Assessments are currently taking place and lessons will be adjusted accordingly
  • Monthly themes
    • October is anti-bullying month
      • Wear orange on October 1st 
      • Poster contest
      • Service project: making candy bags for kids (MOSAIC food pantry)
    • Focus on Diversity and Inclusion
    • Book of the Month will deal with social/emotional issues
    • Stanford Harmony lessons
    • Parent workshops lead by guidance office
    • Monthly assemblies
    • Visit website for calendar of activities and additional information
  • ClassDojo is the school’s primary method of communication
  • After school programs are coming back but each organization needs to submit paperwork and be approved by the DOE to return to the building


Questions and Suggestions

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, October 20th at 6:30 p.m. on Zoom (connection details will be shared on ClassDojo)