Student Services

Related Services

Some students may need related services to achieve their educational goals. Related services include developmental, corrective, and other supportive services.

Students are eligible for related services only when it is clear that:

  • The student’s needs are greater than what can be addressed in their primary educational setting,
  • The services are necessary to benefit from the primary educational setting, and
  • The elimination and/or absence of these support services would adversely affect educational performance to the point that appropriate learning would not occur.

Parents that suspect that their child may require related services should express their concerns to the classroom teacher. The initial referral to special education is a collaborative effort and needs to be examined very closely before moving ahead with an evaluation.


Counseling helps students recognize and change behaviors that get in the way of learning. Counseling is recommended for students who have social-emotional difficulties that significantly limit their ability to participate in school. Our guidance counselors provide at-risk and mandated counseling. They also do preventive sessions. The purpose of mandated counseling is to help students with disabilities recognize and modify behaviors that interfere with learning. It can be individual and/or group. Our counselors also work with students to help them succeed in school. They address social and emotional school functioning in the areas of appropriate school behavior and discipline, social skills, self-control, conflict resolution, problem solving skills, self-esteem, decision-making skills and vocational and transition planning.

​​Our counseling team consist of two school counselors and a social worker:

Mr. Desillas– Pre-k through first grade

Ms. Klatch  – Second and third grade

Ms. Alvarez– fourth through sixth grade


Hearing Education Services

Hearing Education Services support students who are deaf or hearing-impaired, and can include guidance, social work, counseling, transition services and work-study programs.